Raising the Bar: The Newfangled Sazerac Cocktail

The classic New Orleans cocktail gets a new twist.

by Michael Valencia

As summer rolls to a close, we've been looking for a drink that bridges the gap between the hot, humid days and the cooler weather approaching. moreEnter: the Sazerac cocktail—a revered New Orleans drink created in 1838 and named after a brand of French cognac named Sazerac-de-Forge et Fils. In 1912, after Absinthe was banned, the drink's creator replaced it with bitters. This version, from Soho House, has both bitters and Absinthe. Try it today and see if you meet the storied Green Fairy.


50ml Rye1 white sugar cubePeychaud bitters10ml simple syrupAbsinthe, rocks, glassLemon zest to garnish


1. In your Sazerac glass, pour 10ml of Absinthe an add ice2. In your mixing glass, place your sugar cube and cover with Peychaud bitters being precise as to aim for the sugar cube.3. Muddle the sugar cube using the back of a spoon or muddler as to create a paste of the mix.4. Add your simple syrup, Rye whiskey and ice and stir until the mix is ready tasting as you go.5. Dump all contents of the Sazerac glass making sure all ice is gone from glass. Strain the mix into the glass (no ice) and garnish with lemon peel