scent 001 by joya for 3sixteen

Too good to keep for themselves…

by Christian Lavery

It may have been originally created as a signature smell for the 3sixteen pop-up shop, but it didn’t take long for Scent 001 to advance into a product that was too good to burn for only one month. Spurred on by the plethora of people wondering about this aroma, 3sixteen teamed up with Brooklyn-based Joya Studio to bring about its first-ever candle. Smelling of spearmint, eucalyptus, lime and rum as it enters the air -- and rosemary, cedar leaf, and jasmine as it remains -- the candle will burn for about 50 hours and is hand poured here in NYC. Pick it up HERE and find out firsthand why everyone was so insistent on being able to bring the smell of the pop-up shop to their own abode.