School of Seven Bells’ “On My Heart” Video Will Give You Goose Bumps

watch the creepy, cool flick

It always helps to gear up at the start of the weekend with some techno sounds, and School of Seven Bells has just come to the rescue with some killer electric tunes to add to our "going out" playlist come Friday. The indie rock band released their fourth and final album, SVIIB, last week and it's already No. 1 on the Top New Artist Heatseekers chart. Founding member Benjamin Curtis had been diagnosed with a rare form of T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma in early 2013, causing Alejandra Deheza to take on sole leadership of the music group. Deheza says that the album's writing process took place during one of the, "most creative and inspired summers of [their] lives," and represents a love letter, as well as an era of when these band members met. 

School of Seven Bells has crafted an eerie, yet beautiful, video for one of their tracks, "On My Heart," off the record. With a dark and horror movie-like aesthetic all throughout, you naturally get goose bumps from watching it. "I feel like the actual process of filming this video kind of body slammed me in a way that perfectly mirrored the story that David Altobelli and Ben Tan and I are telling both visually and lyrically in 'On My Heart,'" Deheza told us. "I was running as fast as I could, take after take, uphill, down sketchy ass terrain, across muddy fields, throwing myself on the ground enough times to get it right, half the time in the rain, as the light was leaving us, and feeling our way through the dark.

"Finally, there's that moment where you're too exhausted to struggle anymore, and that's when the surrender comes in whether you like it or not," she added. "I mean, the amount of energy it takes to project your fears out into the world or onto another person can really wipe you out. It really just checks you. I feel like that was the exact feeling they were trying to convey in the story, and it just really resonated with me at the time. I feel like I'd been through boot camp, but it wouldn't have made sense to me any other way."

Watch the entire video, above.