Watch the Full ‘Scream Queens’ Trailer

‘mean girls’ with murder

After tantalizing us with an endless parade of short teasers, Fox has mercifully unleashed the first full trailer for its anticipated fall show Scream Queens, and it does not disappoint. Jam-packed with bitchy insults, major side-eye, and so much shade, the first season of the anthology series could just have as easily been called Mean Girls if it weren't for all the murder and stuff.

The show centers around the Kappa sorority, led by the deliciously cruel and perfectly named Chanel Oberlin, aka the role Emma Roberts was born to play. When Dean Cathy Munsch (played by original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis) opens up Kappa's rush week to girls who don't exactly fit their bill, shit—and blood—hits the fan.

Featuring a cast that includes Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Nick Jonas, and even Ariana Grande, Fox and series creator Ryan Murphy look like they have another massive hit on their blood-soaked hands.

Scream Queens premieres this September.