Selena Gomez And Fetty Wap Remix “Same Old Love”

yeah baby.

Hey, what’s up? Hello! Kindly allow Selena Gomez to introduce Fetty Wap to her stove “Same Old Love.”

This remix was surprisingly left off of last November’s Same Old Love (Remixes) EP. It doesn’t stray too far from the original, with more “yeah baby” than usual. “I am so sick, I’m hoping you’ll notice, yeah baby,” Fetty Wap raps. “So sick of the same old love / Like a dose of the same old drug, yeah baby.” (How many times can one say “yeah baby” before “yeah baby” “yeah babies” itself to pieces?)

Gomez’s part isn’t altered or anything, but Fetty Wap comes in later and laments over thinking this girl was his “ride or die.” (Look to Lana Del Rey for that, Fetty.) As for Gomez’s ride or die? Jelena shippers hoping for a Jelena reunion will be hard pressed to know that she, much like this song, is very much sick of that same old love. According to Gomez, she’s “beyond done” with that.