Selena Gomez Impersonates Her BFF Taylor Swift

the hilarious impersonation is spot on

by ava tunnicliffe

It's true what they say: Sometimes your best friend really does know you better than you know yourself. In a recent interview with iHeartRadio, Selena Gomez showed off just how well she knows her BFF, Taylor Swift, with a hilariously spot-on imitation of the Grammy-winning artist.

Gomez has perfected the signature Swift hair flip and point, which proves that all those years of attending her best friend's concerts have clearly paid off. The singer ended her impersonation by saying, "Love you, Tay!" so we can all rest assured that it was just some good, old-fashioned, harmless teasing. 

Gomez was also asked by her Twitter fans to imitate Shakira and catch a piece of chewing gum in her mouth. Naturally, she nailed both those challenges, as well. Who knew the singer had so many secret talents?