Watch Selena Gomez’s New “Kill Em With Kindness” Music Video

Watch her new video for “Kill Em With Kindness”

When you come of age on one of the most widely publicized platforms on earth, you automatically become media fodder. While some former child stars opt to seclude themselves from the public eye entirely, Selena Gomez has instead used the Disney platform to catapult various film and television projects and launch her music career. With 21st-century constructs like social media platforms and gossip sites writing about her on the daily, nasty assumptions about her relationships, health, and whereabouts have circulated quicker than the truth. Her approach to it all, as she titles her latest single, is to "Kill Em with Kindness."

Today, the 23-year-old dropped the video for the song. With just a few seamless backdrops, large open spaces, and black-and-white film, she manages to capture the entire spirit of the song sans clichéd plots and dialogue. She simply places the music as the focus of the video and sings as she poses for a photographer. There are also some dancers, for good measure.

Watch the video, above.