now you can sell the stuff your ex got you

“never liked it anyway” is perfection

by daniel barna

No one likes being dumped, but if you're going to have your heart broken, why not make a couple bucks? That's precisely the idea behind Never Liked It Anyway, an online marketplace that lets jilted lovers and former flames pawn their relationship's material leftovers to the highest bidder. 

Never Liked It Anyway is "a place to sell your stuff, tell your stories and get back to fabulous! We like to think of it as Break-Up Bootcamp," the site reads. So, whether it's a necklace they got you, a perfume that smells just like that time you went to Paris, the records you used to listened to while you cooked dinner—there's no moving on if you have to live amongst the relics of your failed love, so might as well sell 'em to someone who doesn't know the stories of your stuff.

The startup is the brainchild of fashion entrepreneur Bella, who launched the site after a sudden breakup left her with some extra plane tickets. But that's just her story, and it's one of many on the site that help provide context to the wide variety of items that are for sale. And to sweeten the deal, all items are listed at a "breakup price," a considerable discount from their real-world price. The site's social media game is also strong, allowing users to connect, share their stories, and help each other move on.

Now can someone please break up with me already? I need a new pair of shoes.