September Girls

drift along to our new favorite quintet.

by liza darwin

There's a lot of things to love about September: the switch from iced coffee to hot, the leaves about to change, and the chance to bust out the layers we've been patiently waiting to sport all summer long. But while the pleasure of these experiences might be fleeting (i.e. once fall fades away and winter settles in...), our new favorite band September Girls is the opposite.  

In fact, the Irish quintet's layered, guitar-driven jams actually get better with time. According to the band, their name is inspired by The Bangles just as much as the season itself. "There were a bunch of names being discussed and a list drafted on a white board in our rehearsal space, and September Girls was one of them, taken from the title of a Big Star song via The Bangles," they recall.

The two groups might have the all-girl thing in common, but when it comes to the sound? They might dub it as "fuzzy gothy noise pop with girl group harmonies," and we agree. It's also  dark, moody, and pretty damn cool. Taking sonic cues from The Velvet Underground and The Cure, as well as contemporaries such as The Dum Dum Girls, these ladies have fine-tuned the art of the hazily irresistible anthem. 

Listen to their latest single "Heartbeats" (off their forthcoming debut Cursing The Sea, out next month) and you'll feel different feelings each time you listen. So go ahead and get started below, then listen to more September Girls here