Seth Meyers Brought Melisandre To A Baby Shower And Things Got Dark

The night is dark and full of mimosas.

Seth Meyers and his wife, Alexi Ashe, are expecting a child, and to mark the occasion they had a baby shower. It was pretty standard stuff, except for the fact that Meyers had to invite his college friend from North Westeros University, Melisandre. That meant really awkward stories about birthing shadow demons and Greyscale, and constant reminders that the night is dark and full of terrors. After setting a mimosa on fire, Melisandre even cops to being in love with Meyers' old dinner party guest Jon Snow but admits he might not be the right guy. "Why not?" asks Meyers. "Well, I'm pretty sure he's dead," she says, unconvincingly. You'd think that by now, Meyers would know to keep his Westeros friends and New York friends separate. These things never end well.