this makeup palette wants to hook up with you.

by faran krentcil

Over the years, NARS' legendary "Orgasm" blush has become famous for making its fans look like they've just had really great sex - all with a little bit of semi-sheer cheek blush. The color's proven so popular, it's been transformed into a lipstick, a nail polish, and even a more concentrated pink pigment called "Multiple Orgasm." (Yes, for real.) But NARS has realized some beauty junkies need a little more time to get in the mood. That's why this week, they've released Foreplay, a palette with four shades designed to enhance and personalize that elusive facial glow. The compact includes peach matte blush, gold highlighting blush, pink matte blush, and finally the classic NARS "Orgasm" blush - because after all that preparation, you deserve to finally get the real thing.

NARS Foreplay, $49 and exclusively at Sephora.