shark attack

take a bite outta fashion.

by liza darwin

The movie that makes everyone think twice before taking a dip in the ocean is back. Despite it's not-so-believable special effects and annoying suspense music, Jaws definitely raised the bar for all summer blockbusters to follow and has risen to cultural-icon status.

Even the fashion world has claimed Jaws as their new muse. From Proenza Schouler to Topshop, the villain has popped up on bags, necklaces, and dresses,

In honor of the campy flick's recent 35th anniversary, we've rounded some of our favorite Jaws-inspired clothing and accessories. Now the only question is, is this stuff waterproof?

Topshop Unique print dress, $70

Proenza Schouler tank dress, $1932

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Mini for Many shark tee, $35

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Alex & Chloe pendant, $120

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Louboutin "Jaws" pumps, $840

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