Naomi Watts Makes Her Triumphant Return To Horror In The ‘Shut In’ Trailer

With some help from Jacob Tremblay and Charlie Heaton

While Millie Bobby Brown and Shannon Purser might be getting most of the attention during the current Stranger Things victory lap, let us not forget about Charlie Heaton. The British actor played Jonathan Byers on the Netflix hit and has movie star written across his face, due in no small part to his brooding, Leonardo DiCaprio-meets-River Phoenix good looks. Now, we're getting our first look at Heaton's budding big screen career with the release of the spooky trailer for Shut In.

Naomi Watts stars as Mary, a child psychologist who's taking care of her catatonic teenage son (that'll be Heaton), caught in a vegetative state since a car accident that also killed his father. When she meets a creepy young boy, played by the very non-creepy Jacob Tremblay, things start to get a little horror movie-ish. Mary starts to care for this boy as if he was her own, but he's feared dead after Mary loses him in one of those nasty Northeast blizzards. (Don't you just hate when that happens?) That's when spooky things start going down, and Naomi Watts, star of the original Ring movies, proves once again why she's the ultimate scream queen. 

Shut In hits theaters on November 11.