Sia’s Coachella Set Is Already Legendary

Featuring Kristen Wiig, Maddie Ziegler, Paul Dano, and Tig Notaro

UPDATE (4/20/16): We have removed the full video due to a request from the DCMA. To watch the full video, head over to Dazed.

It was a weekend of beautiful sets and stunning guest performances at Coachella. Kesha sang with Zedd, Janelle Monáe joined Grimes, Rihanna popped up in the middle of Calvin Harris’ set, Lorde and Sam Smith hung out with Disclosure, Halsey rocked with Brendon Urie, and LCD Soundsystem generally broke everyone’s hearts (in a good way). One set, however, is already being called the stuff of legend.

When Sia announced that she would not only be returning to touring this year after a long hiatus but also showing up at America’s/the world’s largest music fest, it was big, honking news. It only makes sense that her actual set on Sunday was some big, honking news in of itself. 

It was her first full concert set since 2011, the first since she adopted her new performance method of including interpretive dancers, and her first since becoming one of the world’s most talked about singer-songwriters. According to social media chatter, it did not disappoint. 

Not only was regular collaborator Maddie Ziegler on hand, but actors Kristen Wiig and Paul Dano, as well as comedian Tig Notaro, all joined Sia’s troupe. Naturally, “Cheap Thrills,” “Bird Set Free,” “Elastic Heart,” and “Chandelier,” were in the set, but so was Rihanna's “Diamonds.” With all the costumes, dancers, visuals, and raw, beautiful emotions it was truly unlike anything else this weekend. It also proves that even with her face concealed and her feet firmly planted in one place, Sia can rule an audience of thousands.

But, enough explaining. Best to just find yourself a quiet place, a good set of earphones, hit play, below, and let it all wash over you. Maybe bring some tissues, too.