Sia Reunites With David Guetta For “Flames”

A certified bop

There once was a time where Sia Furler didn't hide behind a wig and no one outside of the indie scene (and Six Feet Under fandom) knew who she was. Then Sia linked up with David Guetta in 2011 for a song that would catapult her to new heights of fame. "Titanium" is and was a smash. It marked the peak of EDM's proliferation in today's pop world and, as such, carries with it a timeless punch.

Now, EDM isn't EDM-y as it was. (Phew!) One thing hasn't changed, though: Sia and David Guetta make one hell of a team. Today, the duo released "Flames." It is decidedly more pop than EDM, with Sia soaring over Guetta's production with empowering lyrics about perseverance. Let's call it the chill sister to the explosive "Titanium." Listen, below.