Zoe Saldana And Julianne Moore Star In Sia’s New Video

A powerful message for a vital cause

Sia teamed up with the #endHIV campaign for a new song called "Free Me." It's a sweeping piano ballad of perseverance brought to life by Zoe Saldana in the Blake Martin-directed video which Julianne Moore narrates. 

Moore introduces Saldana's character as an "expecting mother, daughter, [and] friend [who's] about to learn that HIV is taking hold in her body, attacking her immune system. And, if left untreated, will be passed on to the baby growing inside her." From there, Saldana performs the various stages an individual goes through after receiving such news: shame, despair, support, kinship. By the end, through Ryan Heffington's choreography, Saldana reclaims control. 

All purchases of "Free Me" will benefit the #endHIV campaign with 100 percent of the proceeds going to fund the Abzyme Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on using pre-existing technology to bring an HIV vaccine to human trials, and then patients. "The HIV/AIDS epidemic is one that can affect anyone, particularly child-bearing women around the globe," Sia says in a press release. Indeed, it is the number one killer of women of the reproductive age around the globe. Through projects such as this, treatment can be made available to wider audience. 

"Free Me" will be available for purchase beginning at noon EST on Friday, June 9.