Sia Recruits Maddie Zieger In The Lyric Video For ‘Never Give Up’

From the ‘Lion’ soundtrack

by daniel barna

Most artists contribute a song to a movie soundtrack, often with the accompanying music video doubling as a promo for the film itself. Well, Sia isn’t most artists. On Tuesday, the elusive singer dropped the lyric video for "Never Give Up," which she wrote for the film Lion.

Don't get us wrong: There are definitely some subtle nods to the film, which chronicles an Indian man's quest to find his birth mother after he was abandoned in a train station as a child. The song itself borrows elements from India's rich musical history, and the video unfolds in an abandoned train station.

But that's where the similarities end.

The clip features two children wearing trademark Sia wigs and black, faceless masks. Oh, and one of them just happens to be the singer's favorite muse, Maddie Ziegler. In other words, it's vintage Sia. 

Watch the video for "Never Give Up," above, and check out Lion in theaters now.