Sienna Miller Lady Susan

sienna miller’s jane austen role!

by liza darwin

Sienna Miller has nabbed herself a part in a Jane Austen movie! Except unlike Emma or Pride And Prejudice, this one isn't exactly an English class staple. Lady Susan is one of Austen's earliest works, and Miller will play the title character in the film, which is reportedly titled Love & Friendship. Get the deets here. (VOGUE UK) 

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have reunited! Well, sort of. The two friends have recorded a video for charity, and while it's no Good Will Hunting, it'll do. Watch below. (NY Daily News)

If you don't feel like splurging on a Kenzo dress, then you can always rock a Kenzo credit card? Yep, they exist. With prints inspired by the label's spring '14 collection, they are admittedly cool...but is that taking a designer obsession to a too extreme level? (WWD)

We already gave you the ultimate anti- Valentine's mixtape, but make room for one more. Bleach's new video for "A Guy Like You" just dropped, and it's awesome. (VEVO)

Details about Pitch Perfect: 2 are here! According to director Elizabeth Banks, "All I can say right now is that they will be graduating seniors this time around, rather than incoming freshmen." InterestingShe elaborated, "I'm really excited to direct the girls. The whole project speaks so much to me and to women and to making women funny in really fun and interesting ways and that's what I’m most looking forward to. I'm looking forward to letting the girls let loose." Same here, Elizabeth...same here. (The Huffington Post)