Millie Bobby Brown Stars In Sigma’s Brilliant New Video, “Find Me”

Hang tight

It's been a minute since a music video has been as moving as the latest one from Sigma. The British drum and bass duo has pulled out all the stops for their "Find Me" music video: visionary directing, stirring vocals, and a protagonist who does more than just mug for the camera. 

Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown gives her all as the star of this Christopher Sims-directed project. She embodies the sorrow-tinged longing Birdy delivers as guest vocalist. Add in Sims' fevered edits and near-constant focus on Brown, and you've got yourself a video that feels like a gut punch right in your sweet spot. The combination between the cityscape, flashing lights, and Brown's hopeful but heavy-hearted performance is wonderous. The air of innocence is juxtaposed by the song's distress. Sigma has truly made something worth watching over again. "Find Me" is a video that reminds you of how affecting music videos can be. See for yourself, below.