skaters instagram manhattan track listing

A picture is worth a thousand lyrics…

by Josh Madden

Yesterday our good buddies Skaters took over the NYLON Guys Instagram to announce the track listing for their upcoming Warner Bros. Records release Manhattan. The fellas posted pictures every hour and gave a little insight to the connection between the vibe of the song and the picture. You know how they say "A picture is worth a thousand words"? In this case, those words would be lyrics. The guys wanted to give a special shout-out to homies Kelsey Bennett and Casa for helping with the photos. We're super stoked for the February 24th release of Manhattan--and until then, we'll be listening to all their tunes on Soundcloud HERE and watching the video for their first single "Deadbolt" below. Keep up with all Skaters news on Twitter HERE and their website HERE!

1. One Of Us - Here is a typical SKATERS band Meeting.

2. Miss Teen Massachusetts - A SKATERS superfan.

3. Deadbolt - Tag, you're it!

4. Bandbreaker - Here's some hardcore urban tropical vibes. Rooftops and coconuts.

5. To Be Young in NYC - Yo Mom, we got motorbikes!

6. Schemers - A dog called Jove being shady.

7. Symptomatic - Happy to be in Chinatown.

8. Fear of the Knife - This is our surgeon, she's cool.

9. I Wanna Dance (But I Don't Know How) - This is Michael's favorite band, "All American Chicago Styled".

10. Nice Hat - Sweet hat, bro! Urban Cowboy.

11. This Much I Care - The times they are a-changin'.