Safety first…

by Christian Lavery


Smart technology is officially taking over. But guess what? It’s not just being used for phones anymore. Expanding into the realm of locks,


is giving a new definition to bicycle safety.

Equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, the Skylock operates through an app, so losing your key isn’t even an option. Plus, it enables some features like auto-unlock, which operates based off your proximity. And to make things even easier, the lock has a built-in solar panel that allows it to function for a full week off of only an hour of sunlight.

Military standard design makes the intelligent lock more than safe, but if theft does become an issue at some point, Skylock will notice and send you an alert. Its safety features don’t end there, though. While you’re riding, if a sizeable impact occurs-- because accidents do happen--the lock can alert friends, family, or the authorities, and help will be on the way.

Watch the video below for a full rundown on its abilities and pre-order Skylock