Watch a Sleater-Kinney Video Featuring Their Famous Friends

the alt-rock icons rounded up a few famous friends.

If you were a recently reunited, iconic feminist alt-rock trio trying to promote your first album in ten years, what to do? If you're Sleater-Kinney, it's simple: you text a bunch of your famous friends/fans with "What's up (Insert name here)? Wanna be in our in new music video? All you have to do is put on headphones and sing along out loud to the title track off our new album, No Cities to Love. It'll be fun! [sunglasses emoji]" Then everyone you asks says yes, because you are Sleater-Kinney, full stop. Those friends, it turns out, are a ragtag group of some of the dopest people around, people like Norman Reedus, Connie Britton, Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg, Ellen Page, Sarah Silverman, Brie Larson, Natasha Leone, and Miranda July. Then, you cut all the footage together to create a joyous celebration of song with a refreshingly DIY feel. Blogs will take care of the rest.