How To Sleep Like A Grown Up

    Adultify your sleep cycle

    by Gabrielle Korn · July 11, 2016

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    The time has come to accept the inevitable: you're growing up. Embrace it! Becoming an adult can be daunting, but not when you have guides as easy (and, let's face it, as cool) as the ones in our new Adultify series. Now, you won't ever have to utter that cringe-worthy term "adulting" when you accomplish something, like doing your laundry—you know, basic, responsible grown-up activities—because you'll know these truths to be self-evident.

    Staying up late to Netflix, chill, and snack yourself to sleep is fun, until it’s not—like, um, when you actually have something to get up for in the morning. A day job, maybe. But even if you don’t live that 9 to 5 life, you might notice that in your 20s, the sleep habits of your wild younger years don’t feel as good as they used to. That might mean that you’ve starting waking up at 8am no matter what time you go to bed, or maybe you’ve noticed that the difference between six hours of sleep and eight can be a literal day-ruiner.

    As your adolescent sleep cycle comes to an end, it’s important to update your bedtime habits. We talked to NYC sleep expert Dr. Martha Cortes about how to adjust your routine to start sleeping—and therefore, functioning—like an actual adult.

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