Sleigh Bells Bitter Rivals

denim cutoffs, dickens quotes, and one killer song

by liza darwin

Are you suffering from a lack of crashing guitars, catchy hooks, and in-your-face choruses in your life? Sounds like you've got a case of the post-Labor Day weekend blahs.

But not to worry, because we've got just the cure. And it comes in the form of Sleigh Bells' music video for "Bitter Rivals."

The clip, which is the new single off the third album, showcases Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss at their badass best, quoting Charles Dickens, leading pastel-haired girl gangs, and, you know, reminding us exactly why we love them so much.

While the track might remind us a little bit of 2010's "Crown on the Ground," that's definitely not a bad thing at all. The fashion is expectedly awesome--Krauss dons her trademark Keds and cutoffs, whereas Miller sports an LSU jersey-- and the whole thing is worth tuning out to again and again. So what are you waiting for? Watch the band's self-directed video below!