How To Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Lux

    Maximize the space

    by · April 01, 2016

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    If you work in a city, you probably bust your ass to live there—and the real estate market doesn’t make it easy for you. The market doesn’t care how hard you work, or how much you have to sacrifice to put a roof over your head. So what that means for many, is that they have to make do with a space better fit for Gus Gus than a human adult.

    Words like “bedroom” and “living space” and “dining area” have become more like hopeful suggestions rather than factual descriptions of spaces. But even if your bedroom is the size of a matchbox and fits nothing more than a bed, there are still ways to make it look chic and adult without breaking the bank—it’s all about color, texture, and illusions. Yes, just like your broker convinced you of the illusion that the space was cozy and not teeny, and charming and not old—you can convince your bedfellows and guests that your bedroom is minimalist and not basic, concise and not confined.

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