honey, i shrunk the camera!

by liza darwin

Here's a familiar dilemma: on a night out, do we carry an easy-to-manage clutch, or do we opt to lug a tote around all night so we can fit our camera in our bag?

Meet Mr. Digital Clover, the latest addition to the low-fi family and the solution to this constant problem. A mini-mi of the classic Diana, this cute camera takes the same dreamy, vintage-inspired shots of the original, but in a pint-sized package. The Clover even accepts basic memory cards, has a self-timer, and doubles as a video recorder for silent films.

The best part, though, is that at 1.5" tall and 2.5" wide, it's approximately the size of a tube of lipgloss. In other words, it's perfect for loping onto a keychain or slipping into a clutch so you'll never miss out on late night adventures and "Ugh, I wish I'd brought my camera!" Kodak moments again.

See? The best things really do come in tiny packages.

Buy it for $55 here.