Say Goodbye To The Snapchat You Used To Know

It’s becoming more like, well, Instagram

Social media is a strange, peculiar space, and while it can sometimes be a hub for negativity, the one thing that keeps us scrolling through on a regular basis is the fact that it has a space for just about everyone. From those who like to post-conceptual photos on Instagram to those who utilize Twitter as a petri dish for social change to those who like to connect with old friends on Facebook, everyone has a favorite app to share their feelings and work on. And if you're someone who likes the raw, off-kilter energy of Snapchat, you're going to have to make some adjustments, because the engine is changing in major ways with the addition of Memories feature.

Instead of posting of-the-moment snapshots to your temporary story, Memories allows users to download, edit, and republish their photos and videos. It also allows them to upload content straight from their camera roll. Basically, Snapchat will be much more curated, and will have more of the sparkle and design elements that Instagram has fostered. Of course, if you're a brand or celebrity, this means that you can further your brand with well-thought-out shots. Though, that also means that Snapchat will most likely adopt a less authentic voice—perhaps the same voice that led model Essena O'Neill to expose the truth behind social media influencers. Memories also allows users to save password-protected snaps in a feature aptly named My Eyes Only. It also conveniently allows you to save snap stories as visual albums.

Of course, without experiencing Memories firsthand, it's difficult to tell whether or not its new element will improve your experience on the app, or do the exact opposite. It launches today, so update the app and check it out for yourself.