SNL’s “This Is Not A Feminist Song” Is Our New Feminist Anthem

“it technically can’t be wrong”

On last night's edition of Saturday Night Live with host Ariana Grande, not only did we get the best JLaw impression ever, but an anthem we most certainly needed. The funny women of SNL, along with Grande, navigated through the tricky waters of intersectional feminism in the parody music video, "This Is Not A Feminist Song," that like the title suggests, isn't about feminism. 

In the video, the women detail how they spent all day trying to explain and document all of the wrongdoings and injustices women have experienced throughout time to create the ultimate empowering anthem for all women everywhere. Alas, they soon discover feminism is hard when they started writing lyrics down. After all, feminism "is pretty nuanced stuff," and, "hard to put all in one song."  

Since women have the right to "bail on this whole song," the women quickly threw their journals aside (or off the Coney Island boardwalk) to frolick together on the beach in-between shots of diverse women serenely looking off into the distance, and shoutouts to some of most iconic feminists of our time Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Madeleine Albright, Maya Angelou, and Malala Yousafzai.

Watch the clip above where the women eventually come to the conclusion that even though their song "technically can’t be wrong" because it's not a feminism song, maybe women singing a song together is the third-wave (or fourth-wave?) feminist ode we didn't know we needed.