Photo courtesy of NBC

According To ‘SNL’ This Is What Happens When You Win A Golden Globe

we had a, uh, good, cool time

by Lisa Eppich

Surely if you’re nominated for a Golden Globe you’d want your kids to stay up and watch your potential victory, right? That doesn’t seem to stop most winners for thanking their kids and then promptly telling them to go to bed, even though these awards usually happen on the West Coast and start in the late afternoon or early evening.

Here, Saturday Night Live imagines what it’s like for those poor kids who spend the night alone, while their parents snort coke off of their awards and get bounced from star-studded parties, and it’s a lot of clock-watching and scary noises in the dark. On the plus side, Liev Schrieber will make you breakfast the next morning after having a threesome with your parents, so, kinda worth it?