Snoh Aalegra Burning Bridges

meet the next swedish powerhouse.

by rebecca willa davis

Sweden's developed a rap for producing insanely catchy pop acts (see: ABBA, Lykke Li, Icona Pop), but the Scandinavian country's latest export is way more '90s R&B than disco-ready.

Meet Snoh Aalegra, a Swedish singer-songwriter with pipes to rival some of our biggest belters. She's been making music since she was 14, honing her hypnotically moody sound with the help of ARTium Records (and the Grammy-winning producer No I.D., who leads the label) since then.

You can hear just that on her new single "Burning Bridges," which Aalegra notes "is more of an emotional vibe than a traditional song." That influenced her approach to the track's music video; "I wanted to create a visual that embodies that same idea."

We'd say she does just that--not to mention show off a perfect cat eye liner and some serious dance moves. Watch our exclusive premiere of the music video to "Burning Bridges" below.