Soccer Mommy Just Wants To Be “Cool” In Her New Music Video

A cheeky take on what it means to be hip

The concept of being cool is so... passé. What does it even mean? There's the laid-back version of cool, someone who's down for whatever. There's the aloof version of cool, which is basically being standoffish and cold. There's the Instagram version of being cool, too, which usually consists of marble counters, cool-looking lattes, and photos of brunches that have gone cold on account of all the Instagramming. To be cool is to be... something, and Soccer Mommy is trying to figure that out in her new video for "Cool."

Soccer Girl's Sophie Allison links up with director Ambar Navarro for the cheeky video exploring what it means to be hip. Art Baby Girl's animations pepper the visual with a little bit of sardonic humor mixed with a flair of innocence. The Hot Topic necklace is a nice touch of styling, too, that adds to the video's post-ironic vibe.

The ironic thing about songs and videos like this and, say, Tove Lo's "Cool Girl," are they're actually cool despite their seeming indifference toward the label. But maybe that's the point. Either way, Soccer Mommy knows what's up and is, much like her album Clean, very, very cool.