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    sofia carson is good at being bad

    by · August 03, 2015

    Photographed by Roman Yee

    Have you ever wondered what happened to all of the fairytale characters you love—and love to hate—after their stories ended? Did Cinderella and Prince Charming really live happily ever after, or did they fizzle out faster than a Bachelorette hookup? What if they had a kid, and he hung out with Belle and the Beast’s son, or the daughters of Mulan and Sleeping Beauty, and the children of your favorite baddies, too, like Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, The Evil Queen from Snow White, and, let’s say...Jafar from Aladdin?
    On July 31, The Disney Channel debuted Descendants, which is basically a mashup of all of the singing and dancing from High School Musical (Descendents is also directed by HSM mastermind, Kenny Ortega), the storybook character co-mingling of Once Upon a Time, and Gossip Girl-style scheming and backstabbing. Could the premise get any better for a guilty pleasure we know we’re too old to be watching? Nope.
    In Descendants, the teenage son of the Beast and Belle is the next in line to take the throne in Auradon. His first official proclamation: To offer a chance for redemption to all of the super-villains’ kids by freeing them from exile and to allowing them to attend the prestigious Auradon Prep School, along with those who were born of “happily ever after.”
    , the 22-year-old from Ft. Lauderdale who plays The Evil Queen’s daughter, Evie. The rising Disney star stopped by the NYLON offices to chat about how good it is to be evil—onscreen, of course.Enter SofiaCarson
    Tell us about Evie.
    Being her mother’s daughter, she was raised to believe that all that mattered in life was her reflection in the mirror, and that she needed a Prince to sweep her off her feet and to give her a happy ending. So, when you first meet her, she’s on the hunt for Prince Charming. But she quickly realizes that her mom was very wrong all along and that she never needed a Prince to save her, and that what mattered most wasn’t her reflection in the mirror, but who she is as a person, and loving who she is. Just being Evie is enough.
    She is the Evil Queen’s daughter, though. So does the,ahem, poisoned apple fall far from the tree?
    Evie’s evil is really more about how superficial and vain she is in the beginning. And her group of friends are a bit mean when they arrive because they feel so out of place. So, they’re being mean because they’re uncomfortable and aren’t being accepted—not because they’re genuinely evil.

    Photographed by Roman Yee

    Which is pretty much the story of every school bully ever.
    Totally! It’s funny that in this story the evil ones turn out to be the not-so-evil ones.
    Did you have any Mean Girl experiences growing up?
    I did. I was really bullied in middle school—so much that I transferred to another school. Girls can be mean, and boys can be mean, too. But you just have to know yourself and surround yourself with people who love you, and they’ll accept you no matter how weird or crazy you are! In fact, they’ll love you for that.
    Who was your favorite Disney character when you were a kid?
    As a little girl, I loved Belle because she was the first Disney princess I thought I looked like—because she had brown hair and brown eyes—and she was a bookworm, and I have always loved reading. I promise I was Belle for Halloween 10 years in a row, and my mom has the photos to prove it! I remember for one of my birthday parties, my mom even hired a guy to dress up as the Beast, and he carried me around, and we danced. I felt like I was in the movie.
    We love that you’re a bookworm. What are you reading now?
    I’m about to re-read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which was my favorite book as a kid. I also recently re-read The Fault in Our Stars, which is probably my favorite book of the last couple of years. Other than that, I’m reading a lot of books for my classes at UCLA. I’m still going to school between jobs—I’m a communications major and broadcast journalism and international relations minor.
    Ambitious! And in-between writing your own music, you’ve also filmed Further Adventures in Babysitting, a new take on everyone’s childhood fave.
    Yes, it’s a reboot of the ’80s classic Adventures in Babysitting (which I watched twice in one weekend once with my sister). I play Lola, a free-spirited, seize-the-moment, passionate artist who follows her own rules and decides not to go to college. She also happens to be a very bad driver and gets a lot of parking tickets. So, she ends up in this mess where she has to pay her parking tickets, so she steals her friend Jenny’s babysitting gig for the night to make some money. And Lola being Lola, she ends up making a mess out of the babysitting situation, so Jenny helps her out with the kids, and they go on a wild adventure in the city.
    Evie and Lola sound like they couldn’t be more different.
    They are polar opposites—and that’s what I love about acting. I actually started out singing and then sort of fell into acting, and I feel lucky to have gotten these two awesome parts. Evie is girly, loves fashion, and wants a guy more than anything. Lola is more independent, rock and roll, and unpredictable. I’m enjoying the ride!
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