SoHo Loves MJ

    It’s bigger than a trend...

    by · February 27, 2014

    SoHo Loves MJ

    While grabbing a quick coffee at Dean and Deluca with NYLON Guys’ favorite photo bud, Justin Bettman, we noticed something. While standing in the window getting that much needed caffeine fix, we started naming Air Jordans as they paraded by--for real, it almost seemed like a commercial.
    I started to count; Flu Game 11′s, Gucci 1′s, Raging Bulls , Space Jams, girls in 3′s, guys in 4′s, kids in miniature 8′s...the percentage of people walking by sporting every different style and color was uncanny. Justin supposed that in an hour we would probably see a hundred, and so he just pulled a camera out of his bag and started rocking photos right then. I went back to work and the next day I got an e-mail with a Dropbox link, which led me to an insane gallery of Air Jordan photos all taken right there on Broadway. The above collection is a small sample of Bettman’s photos and just the beginning of this phenomenon that you have to experience for yourself. I highly suggest that the next time you’re in our neck of the woods stopping by that legendary Dean & Deluca (“Hey Andy, can I get three thousand dollars?”), and just see the Jordan parade for yourself. I guess with MJ being born in Brooklyn it’s only right that we love him so much in the NYC.
    photos by Justin Bettman
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