Solange Lovers In The Parking Lot

light-up sneakers and dance moves for days!

by liza darwin

It's been on loop on our iTunes ever since the track first dropped several months ago, and now "Lovers In The Parking Lot" finally gets a music video.

Solange is a lady who always goes big in her videos--need we remind you of the brick-print suit and epic moves from "Losing You"?-- and this time is no different. It's gorgeous, catchy, and will definitely make you want to take a 15-minute dance break. Mostly because you'll want to watch the clip at least three times in a row, trust us.

So what are you waiting for? See why we love "Lovers In The Parking Lot" here, and then watch the video below to add your own reasons.

1. Pink Sequined Hot Pants-Solange is probably only 1% of the population who can actually pull these off, but that's not stopping the other 99% from wanting to.

2. Light-up Sneakers- OMG. Enough said! 

3. Iridescent Milly Sweatshirt-Which, by the way, you can buy right now. 

4. Happy Face/ Frowny Face Pants-Emoticons never looked so good. 

5. The Set- From the dark hallways to the after-hours jewelry shop, the set here looks surprisingly...normal? Which works perfectly, because that makes Solange and her awesome outfits stand out even more. 

6. Random Guys Watching Solange Dance- Be honest. If you were stuck working late, you'd want to watch her, too. 

7. She Dances Throughout The Entire Video Alone- And it's not even awkward! 

8. Confetti, Balloons, And Sparkles- Party decorations turned music video props. 

9. That Glittery Pink Dress- She wears it without looking like a wannabe prom queen, which is easier said than done. 

10. Her Inexplicable Coolness- Because she's Solange, and nothing can really top that.