photo by eric mooney


song premiere: young summer

the dream pop track that will be stuck in your head for all of august.

Usually when you're planning out your summer playlist, you start as early as the end of May. But, we've got the exclusive premiere of a new dream pop track just in time to amp up the end of your summer. It's fitting then, that "Leave Your Love" comes to us from an awesome D.C.-based musician Bobbie Allen--AKA Young Summer. This slow pop jam brings a hint of summertime sadness that's relatable enough to make you feel less saddened, and more like somebody actually gets the way you've felt before--which makes sense since Allen is inspired by musicians like Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Cash, and The Beatles.

If you're looking for a track to get down to at a beach party, this isn't it--but we imagine there will someday be a remix that will fit that bill. Until then, this is the song that will be replaying over and over again in your head all August long, that you won't get sick of. It's a bittersweet pop track that will have you digging deep into your heart while you take a few minutes to go watch the ocean sunset solo. When you walk back to your beach house, your car, or your best friends on the boardwalk, you'll be feeling like you just breathed in deep and let everything out.

"Leave Your Love" is the latest single from Young Summer's debut album Siren, which drops on August 26. But, you might want to mark you calendar now for August 12, when you can pre-order the record by clicking here. Stream the track below and download for free while you still can (our free download ends in two weeks!).