Song Premiere: Novellus Makes Weirdo R n’ B on “Reign.”

For some artists, hiding behind your work can be a gimmick. For Novellus, it's essential.


The mysterious singer and self-described hermit—name, age, birthplace unknown—is creeping onto the internet, first with his debut single, "Reign." and now with his follow up, "Tough." which we're premiering here. (And yes, each track title comes with its own punctuation.) The track, hooky and minimal, is off his upcoming Untitled EP, out January 26. We managed to contact Novellus and ask him about the song, which features tweaked out synths riding a a danceable beat. He had this to say: "Sometimes people hold onto things so tight that they don't allow people into their world. We can all stand to loosen up a bit.”>br>

"Reign" certainly helps.