song premiere: olympic ayres

disco is back, baby.

Despite the overwhelming amount of horror film scenes and creepy ghost tales that come to mind when one imagines a dusty attic, there's no doubting those dimly lit, cobweb-filled spaces are, in fact, largely wonderful places—a sort of preserved time capsule to rummage through and discover long-forgotten vinyls, fashions, and, as cheesy as it may sound, treasures. So it makes sense that duo Kamaliza and Mmiiddii began their musical voyage Olympic Ayres, writing, recording, and producing, in one such Syndey space.

Throughout their numerous EPs, the Australian band has consistently revolutionized the way listeners comprehend post-modern music, incorporating whisps of synth with funk guitar melodies, effusive drum beats, disco claps, and throwback vocals. The result is a new genre in and of itself: a fresh kaleidoscopic, decade-bending indie nu-wave disco/funk hybrid that can hardly be understood with just a quick listen.

After premiering their single "Control" with NYLON Guys last month, the duo is back with their latest, "Say My Name." Listen to the exclusive premiere below and if you're lucky enough to live down under, be sure to check the band out on tour this October.