Photo courtesy of Stalking Gia


song premiere: stalking gia “born free”

your new power anthem.

by jenny lee

Stalking Gia's music has a declarative quality that explodes with confidence. The New York-based artist writes songs that are just as unapologetically spirited as the city itself. It's no surprise that her alternative pop sound, tinged with just the right amount of irreverence, has earned her comparisons to songstresses like Lana Del Rey, Tove Lo, and Banks. Still, Stalking Gia's music refuses to be muddled in the ever-growing electro-pop landscape—her songs are laced with a passion that thrives on individuality and quirkiness. Her newest track, "Born Free" fittingly praises those who stand out in a crowd. Dependent on bold synth, an addictive bassline, and a battle cry-esque chorus, the track is one super-cool anthem for self-expression. 

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