sonic youth

enough free mixtapes to last you all summer long.

by liza darwin

Now that the NYLON Summer Playlist has expired, chances are you're in need of some new songs. Well, better prepare yourself- because your iTunes library is about to explode with music.

We first introduced you to the 2010 Summer Mix Series a few months ago on the blog, and now the 2011 version has officially hit the internet.

Featuring dozens of free downloadable mixtapes hosted by music blogs from all over the world, the site is one giant listening party, where everyone's invited. While the idea of these aggregated musical compilations is pretty genius to begin with, we really love the fact each mixtape has a specific, slightly off-kilter theme.

You can check out the playlist "Old People Names," which includes songs featuring, yes, old people's names. Or you can listen to "It's Hot Outside," which features tons of anti-summer anthems. Or if you're missing school (kidding), you can even sing along to the math-centric songs included in "Geometry."

Everyone's life has a soundtrack. Why not make one of these yours?

Check out the 2011 Summer Mix Series here.