throwback thursday: daydream nation

celebrate 25 years of sonic youth’s “teen age riot.”

by steff yotka

It's 2013 and Sonic Youth's existence is questionable at best. Since sort of disbanding in 2011 after Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon's divorce, us SY aficionados have had few bright spots in the past two years. (Of course, Kim Gordon's new band, Body/Head is one of them.)

Today, however, is a day for all Sonic Youth fans to rejoice, as it was 25 years ago this month that Daydream Nation was released. It was the first double album for the group, and their last before signing to a major label. Oh, and it was recorded right next door to where NYLON offices are located today! (Sonic Youth walked on our sidewalk! ZOMG!)

We recommend stopping whatever you're doing, turning on "Teen Age Riot" and thrashing until you get motion sickness. #YOLO?