sonos app 5.0

A new look with new features…

by Christian Lavery

With music as its main focus and software innovation at its core, Sonos has quickly become the wireless Hifi system of choice. And with more than a decade of providing in-home audio experience to music lovers everywhere, things are only getting better. Case in point: the company’s latest improvements to its roughly two-month old Sonos app.

Coming in with a fresh new interface and making the app available for iOS devices (as opposed to just Androids) for the first time, the redesign houses some rather notable features. For starters, the software is compatible with 38 music-streaming services and offers universal search across all your music platforms. Playlist creation continues to act as a crucial facet as well, while controlling each room separately or grouped through a single function serves as an easy way to keep track of your music and where it’s playing.

Watch the video below to get a feel for the app and learn more about it HERE.