Sony Unveils a New, Very Expensive Walkman

Sony is banking on the legacy of its most iconic product to sell a brand new one. more

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where tech companies have been debuting sexy new gadgets all week, Sony just unveiled the first new Walkman since the line was discontinued in 2010. It's called the ZX2, and it costs a diabolical $1,119.99. That's because Sony is promising sound quality created exclusively for audio snobs, and promises "the fruit of continuous refinement in high audio quality technologies."

It's hard to imagine sound getting a more refined treatment than in our studio Beats headphones (shout out to Dre), but apparently this is it. The ZX2 comes with 128GB of space to support those massive, high resolution audio files, which equals about 1,700 songs at that size. The Verge calls it "heavier than you'd initially expect," but hefty and solid in a good way. Hardcore audio nerds can head here to read about the specs, and the rest of us can wait until the device hits stores this spring, to see if orgasmic audio is worth this price tag.

Image courtesy of Sony.