SOPHIE Is Front And Center For The First Time Ever In New Music Video

It’s okay to cry because we’re crying

World, SOPHIE is ready to see you now. The enigmatic DJ-producer has courted mystery since she burst on the scene a few years back. Her raucous productions, exploding with brash, frenetic energy, made her an underground superstar. She's helped usher in Charli XCX's new era and has projects with Madonna, Cashmere Cat, Le1f, and more under her belt. Aside from her live sets, SOPHIE has held true to her mythic, enigmatic status. Today, however, that's changed.

Earlier this morning, SOPHIE released "It's Okay To Cry," her first proper new material since 2015's Product. What's more, she dropped the video for it, and look who's breaking the fourth wall: It's SOPHIE in all her glory.

SOPHIE self-directed the video. It's arresting, to say the least. Her gaze grips you and doesn't let go until her farewell kiss to the camera. The song itself is less hyperactive than SOPHIE's usual material, but true fans know it's not entirely out of her wheelhouse. After all, "JUST LIKE WE NEVER SAID GOODBYE" is a PC music-adjacent ballad, too.

"It's Okay To Cry" will be available to purchase and stream October 23. SOPHIE will debut her new live set on Tuesday, October 24, as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles