Watch Sophie Turner sing “Hello” As Jon Snow

And lip-synch Justin Bieber

Sophie Turner and Kit Harington may not share any screen time on Game of Thrones, but that doesn't mean she can't effortlessly slip into a Jon Snow impersonation. Net-A-Porter’s The Edit asked Turner to not only show the world her best Jon Snow, but to do it while singing "Hello," that song by that British singer that was really popular a few months ago and is still really popular.

To help get Turner into character, she was provided with Snow's wooly cape which seemed to do the trick, because Turner nailed it. She didn't exactly sing lyrics—it was more of a dramatic reading—but Turner has Snow's northern brogue part down, and she really gets his flair for dramatic pauses.

Turner, who appears as a young Jean Grey in next month's X-Men: Apocalypse, also performed some renditions of her fellow mutants with the help of some props. But the clip goes next level when Turner lip-synch's Justin Bieber's cover of the Cardigans' '90s hit, "Love Me."

“I love Justin Bieber from the day he became famous,” she courageously admits. Check out the video, above.