See Tessa Thompson And Lakeith Stanfield In Sundance’s Wildest Film

Featuring Armie Hammer and Danny Glover

Cassius Green, played by Atlanta’s Lakeith Stanfield, is having a hard time at his telemarketing job. He’s really sorry to bother you, but he just wants to make enough money so that he can stop sleeping in a garage and put food on the table for him and his girlfriend Detroit, played by Tessa Thompson. When Danny Glover presents him with the magical key to success—sounding white over the phone—he’s propelled into a dark, surreal universe.

Will becoming a power seller mean selling out? Is he okay with being morally emaciated? Will the politically active Thompson stand by her man? Are we ready to see Armie Hammer as a coked-out tycoon? Yes, yes we are.

Watch the trailer for what was deemed the “wildest, craziest” movie from this year’s Sundance, below. Sorry To Bother You hits theaters July 6.