video premiere: sos, “youth in decline”

this is not a drill

From the haunting build of the opening synth chords in “Youth in Decline” by SOS, it's clear that something sinister is about to go down. Get ready.

“I think I’m better off when I’m drunk or high,” Randa Leigh sings over the hypnotic production swirling beneath her. The video itself is a muted exploration of youthful hedonism: Anger, sex, and self-loathing all come together in the TomboyBKLYN styled clip. “The song is so layered, and pushes and pulls you in such a powerful way, so creating a compelling montage made sense,” Patrick Letterii, one of the minds behind the video’s production team Vacation, tells us. And create a compelling montage they did.

Check it out above and be sure to listen to SOS’ album below.