a new app lets you document your life through music.

by liza darwin

We know, we know. Twitter is addictive enough. But before your friends yell at you to put your phone away- again- check out this app that manages to combine all the best parts of Twitter, with a musical edge.

Soundtracking is a musical postcard that lets you share what you're listening to, what you're doing while you're listening to the tracks, and your location all in one post. Think of it as FourSquare, Twitter, and Spotify rolled into one (free) program. It's even a little bit like SHAZAM, because it also identifies what's playing in a room.

Although you can add your own updates with photos and texts to correspond to each song, we think it's more entertaining to check out what other people are into throughout different locations (who knew everyone in SoHo was listening to Rihanna last week?!).

There's no question that the music you listen to has personal meaning behind it. But this is by far our new favorite way to show it.

Download Soundtracking for free here.