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Soundcheck: The 12 Best Music Releases Of The Week

King Princess, The Internet, and so much more

Every weekend, we bring you #SOUNDCHECK—your destination for the best of the best new music that's just hit the web, because you should always be prepared when someone passes you that AUX cord. This week’s roundup features 12 of our favorite emerging and established artists, including King Princess, The Internet, and so many more. Turn up, tune in, and tune out.

“Holy” - King Princess

This video is our new religion. King Princess stars alone in the visual for her sultry new single, looking just like the deity we know she is.

“La Di Da” - The Internet

We haven’t stopped listening to The Internet’s new album, Hive Mind, since its release last Friday. This chill video follows the band around a suburban scene, with a notable appearance from Waffle House pancakes.

“Stop” - The Shadowboxers

The Shadowboxers aren’t here for your little white lies—and they’re letting you know in the form of a catchy pop banger.

“Benadryl” - Sofi Tukker

As we've all experienced before, that warning about not operating heavy machinery after taking Benadryl is no joke; just one of those little pink pills leaves us feeling some type of hazy. The music video for Sofi Tukker’s single recreates that feeling perfectly.

“Stolen Liquor” - Chloe Lilac

Chloe Lilac’s latest single will have you reminiscing about those summer nights in high school where you snuck out of your parents' house with a bottle of their wine.

“Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” - Arctic Monkeys

Stuck at home this weekend? Transport yourself to a swanky Las Vegas casino with this new visual from Arctic Monkeys.

“Claudion” - Helena Deland

The beat of this song mimics a heart's, making you feel even more physically connected to the soulful lyrics Helena Deland croons than you'd thought possible.

“Bishop’s Knife Trick” - Fall Out Boy

FOB’s own Patrick Stump plays a crazy, controlling director in this new music video, which also features… llamas?

I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions - Santigold

This dancehall mixtape with lyrics full of social commentary is exactly what we didn’t know we needed.

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“Charcoal Baby” - Blood Orange

This song opens with a monologue in which Janet Mock waxes poetic on the meaning of family, and the accompanying song and video explore the dynamics she discusses.

“Superlove” - Whethan feat. Oh Wonder

This video captures all those crazy emotions you get when you’re newly in love (overwhelmed, giddy, drunk, filled with adrenaline), and then pans back to reveal how much of an act it all is.

“Smooth Sailing” - Julietta

Even though it may seem like everyone else has their shit together, Julietta’s new track is here to remind you that life isn’t always smooth sailing, and there’s always room to grow.