editor’s pick: tattoo of gold

the bracelet that goes with everything

If there's one trend that might just last forever, it's prints inspired by Southwestern cultures in the USA. From Pendleton bags to H&M leggings, the super fun geometric pattern comes in more color combos than a collection of MAC lipsticks--and works on pretty much every closet piece you can think of.

But, if ever you need a subtle break from the look, I know just how to get it. Instead of totally cleansing your closet of the style completely, you could go with something like this Shlomit Ofir Southwestern Bracelet. The best part about it is that you don't have to totally break-up with the trend, and you can use it as an opportunity to incorporate crazy fabrics into other parts of your ensemble (because, you'd probs never pair your fave polka dot blouse with a Navajo-inspired poncho, but you can pair it with gold arm candy).

So get the cool accessory in the NYLON Shop right now; stack it up with your fave vintage pieces, wear it solo like a golden tattoo, or turn a major trend into a subtle treasure people will find only when you bump their fist, give the world a peace sign, or pay for your latte.