Spring Breakers Sunglasses

this is a magic place, y’all…

by liza darwin

Halloween falling mid-week is tough, because you never know quite when to celebrate. Do you do it the weekend before? The weekend after? Day of?

It might be complicated, but one of the best parts about this scheduling conundrum is the fact that I can steal--sorry, borrow-- outfit inspiration from last weekend's best costumes and use it for myself. And by far, one of the coolest costumes I've seen so far has been Spring Breakers. 

Not only does it give me an excuse to re-watch the Harmony Korine college girls-gone-criminal movie yet again, but it also gives me an excuse to buy these reflective shades from Le Specs. With an awesome mirrored blue-green lens, they're practically identical to the ones that everyone sported in the movie (and not to mention, one of this season's biggest accessories trends). So no matter whether I decide to do the Alien thing with braids or attempt a face mask like Ashley Benson, one thing's for sure: I can wear these sunnies both during and after Halloween.

Rewatch the trailer and relive Spring Break!